1. Chia Seeds: Just Another Hipster Food?

    We have all seen trendy foods that come and go in a blaze of glory. Whatever is the “hot” food at the moment gets all the attention, praise and incorporated into every dish under the sun. Is chia another one of these hipster gimmicks? Many of us remember the Chia Pet, and would never have though…Read More

  2. The History of the Funnel Cake

    Nothing brings you back to the feeling of a carnival like a funnel cake. At the Starving Actor, we have been bringing funnel cakes to the masses through our wildly successful food truck for years. Our restaurant continues this delicious tradition as well. But where did this delicacy originate from; …Read More

  3. Let Us Comfort You Through Food!

    If you are needing a hug in the form of a meal, the Starving Actor has the food for you! We specialize in fresh comfort foods that are delicious and filling. Everyone finds comfort in different foods, and we have an extensive menu full of flavorful choices. We all know how grueling life in Los Angel…Read More

  4. Suddenly, I Feel Like A Funnel Cake…

    Welcome to the most exciting new restaurant in Los Angeles! The Starving Actor is pleased to welcome you to our brick and mortar location on Wilshire. We offer exceptional, casual dining with an emphasis placed on honest, caring food, our own brand of L.A. comfort food. Don’t worry, we still have …Read More