If you are needing a hug in the form of a meal, the Starving Actor has the food for you! We specialize in fresh comfort foods that are delicious and filling. Everyone finds comfort in different foods, and we have an extensive menu full of flavorful choices. We all know how grueling life in Los Angeles can be, let us bring some relief to your day with one of our comforting meals. Sometimes you just need some mac-n-cheese, a burger, a plate of shrimp or one of our famous funnel cakes!

The Comfort of Childhood Food

If you grew up with creole or cajun cuisine, the Starving Actor will bring you back to your childhood roots. Whether you are choosing our shrimp po boy, fried fish, or cajun shrimp and grits, you will be transported back to the south. Take a moment out of your day to savor our hand cut yams or our slow cooked collard greens. These are classic Southern dishes that you can’t find everywhere! Foods from our childhood create strong emotional associations, and we hope that our cajun dishes will not only be delicious, but bring back fond memories. Food is inextricably linked to those who lovingly prepared it for us in childhood, and a bite of a favorite food can bring a flood of great emotions. Even if you don’t hail from the land of cajun cooking, we hope that our food will bring comfort and create new, great memories.

The Comfort of Indulgence
Knowing how to nurture yourself is a great skill; sometimes taking the time to savor a special food or meal is just what your body needs. If our famous funnel cakes can bring back great memories (hello, carnivals!) or be a bright spot during a hard day, we are doing our job of comforting through food. Whether you are craving our sweet potato pie or cheesecake, Brandi’s famous hot wings, or a generous serving of BBQ chicken, we have a great selection of foods that will satisfy and comfort. Know how to treat yourself right, we will provide the food!

The Comfort of Food Made With Love

Love is poured into every dish we make here at the Starving Actor. Chef Brandi Burks has long been in the entertainment industry, and has seen the struggle of aspiring actors and actresses. The Starving Actor was born out of a desire to provide people with a place of comfort and love during trying times in their careers. A hot meal can fill you up not just physically, but emotionally. Our passion for food comes through in all of our dishes, and we hope that you will taste the love in each bite!

What are you waiting for? Come visit us at the Starving Actor and fill up your belly and soul with our lovingly made dishes. If you are in Los Angeles, come to the Starving Actor and enjoy an old comfort food favorite, or find something new and delicious!