logoWelcome to the most exciting new restaurant in Los Angeles! The Starving Actor is pleased to welcome you to our brick and mortar location on Wilshire. We offer exceptional, casual dining with an emphasis placed on honest, caring food, our own brand of L.A. comfort food. Don’t worry, we still have the decadent funnel cakes that made us into one of the most in demand food trucks in California. (funnel cakes) As with all things, the urge to put down roots is strong and it was time to show the world what we could do on dry land. Think of it as the next logical evolution of our What the Funnel food truck, only with seating!

Chasing Dreams

The thing that is so exciting about food trucks is the innovation that seems to spring from this guerilla type of cooking. The DIY aspect is often extremely attractive to many and the struggle is often cherished. That is why we decided to brand our space The Starving Actor, in the grand tradition of chasing dreams. After all it is all about the dream isn’t it? That dream could be to write the next big script or land that pilot; your dream might have nothing to do with the bright studio lights or you could have already made it to the top. (funnel cakes) It is these dreams that the Starving Actor holds dear and why we are committed to offering exceptional, american classics. What could be better after a long day of the struggling valet/writer than to kick back with like minded people and throw down on the best wings you will ever have? (Just be sure to save room the funnel cakes.)

Our Flavorful Philosophy

cta-3The philosophy behind our food is simple. Honest and clean (funnel cakes). We give you what you want, utilizing the freshest ingredients possible, all of this goodness is crafted with expert care and love. That’s right, food is love. How many times have you used the word “love” to describe your favorite food. (funnel cakes) Sometimes you would love a decadent, juicy burger with all of the things that Jimmy Buffett sang about, other times, a grilled chicken salad is exactly what you need to keep you going. Tacos? Check. Authentic southern style shrimp and grits? Roger that. How about sweet potato cheesecake? What’s that you say? Oh yeah it’s a thing and it is marvelous. (funnel cakes) Stop by anytime and enjoy the best home cooking in L.A.

Catering Too!

Need a caterer for your next event? The Starving Actor is proud to announce that, yes, we do that too. No matter what the event, The Starving Actor can provide a fresh, delicious menu for you and your guests. Let us take care of the food for your next gathering and give your guests the same home cooked quality that is enjoyed in our restaurant. (funnel cakes) If you are looking for a great spot to grab a cup of coffee and a piece of sweet potato pie, or maybe a New Orleans style po-boy and an Arnold Palmer, look no further than The Starving Actor. We would love to see you, feel free to stop on by anytime. Did I mention we have funnel cakes?